Pencil Cactus “Fire Sticks” 6” Nursery Pot (16”-19” Tall)


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The Pencil Cactus “Fire Sticks” (Euphorbia tirucalli) is a very unique plant that is more succulent like then cacti. Its long green skinny leaf structures are stick like and give the plant its common name due to it’s resemblance to pencils. The “Fire Sticks” variety produces gorgeous yellow/orange/red tones on the tips of its structures. This colour change is heightened in brighter light situations.  Pencil Cactus plants can grow to 9 ft plus if given the right requirements.

Light Requirements - Bright indirect light is best. Will tolerate full sun. 

Water Requirements - Allow soil to fully dry between waterings. Plant structures will pucker slightly when it’s time to water. Do not overwater.