Jade “Gollum” 3.5” Nursery Pot


Jade “Gollum” (Crassula ovata “Gollum”) is a beautiful and unique succulent plant native to South Africa. This mature plant features a tree like stature with a very thick trunk and branches. The leaves on Crassula ovata “Gollum” are tubular like, green in tone and succulent like in texture. You can expect Jade plants to grow well over 4’ if given the proper care.

Size 34” from bottom of pot to top of plant.  25” from top of soil to top of plant. 24” canopy spread. 


Light Requirements - Bright indirect light. Can be placed in full sun but watering should be adjusted according. 


Water Requirements - Allow soil to fully dry between waterings. Leaves on Jade plants loose their firmness when time to water.


Soil Requirements - Fast draining soil such as Cactus/Succulent Mix is best.