Red Mistletoe Cactus ((Rhipsalis) 8” Hanging Basket


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Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa, commonly known as Red Mistletoe Cactus, is an epiphytic plant native to Central/South America. This tropical cactus is found growing on trees where it flourishes in high humidity and indirect light. It’s leaves are long, flat and succulent like with ruffled edges. The plant is more of a green tone in lower light but turns very bright red when placed in bright indirect light. Tiny pearl like ornamental berries adorn the edges of the leaves adding yet another beautiful and unique element to this unusual plant.

This plant is a great choice for hanging planters or propped on a shelf where it can cascade its colourful leaves. 

Light Requirements - Bright indirect light is best. Avoid strong direct light.

Water Requirements - Although a cactus this plant needs frequent watering compared to its desert pals. Allow top 2/3 of soil to dry between waterings.