Euphorbia 10” Nursery Pot (33” Tall)


Euphorbia trigona  commonly known as African Milk Tree is an exotic looking cactus native to Central Africa. This beautiful specimen plant although referred to as a cactus is actually a succulent. The plants tall columnar structures are a lush green tone with spines covering its edges. Along the sides of the plant are tiny little leafs where new growth also emerges. It is very normal for African Milk Trees to lose their leaves during dormancy, they regain them again with active growth.

Light Requirements - Bright indirect light is best. Will tolerate a couple of hours of full sun. 

Water Requirements - Allow soil to dry between waterings. Given light will indicate frequency of watering. 

Soil Requirements - Fast drainage soil such as a Cactus/Succulent Mix is best. Consider amending the Cactus soil with Perlite for added drainage.