Ficus microcarpa 14” Nursery Pot (5’ Tall)


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Ficus Moclame (Ficus microcarpa) is part of the fig family with origins in Southern Asia. This plant can come in a bush form or tree form. It’s thick glossy leaves are oblong in shape and a lush green tone. It’s long aerial roots extend from the base of the trunk to the start of the branches giving this plant loads of interest. Ficus Moclame has very elegant vibes, making it perfect as a feature plan in all spaces.

Ficus Moclame is considered a great air purifying plant.  

 Light Requirements - Bright indirect light is best. Do not place in direct light as it may cause leaves to burn and brown. Place plant in draft free area. 

Water Requirements - Unlike most Ficus plants Moclame prefers to have slightly moist soil. Allow top 2” of soil to dry between waterings. Be sure not to overwater as it may cause plant health problems.