Euphorbia ammak “Variegated” 14” Nursery Pot (4’ Tall)


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Euphorbia ammak,  commonly known as “African Candelabra” is a succulent like desert plant native to regions of the Middle East. This striking plant grows on pillar like structures that branch out with active growth. In its natural habitat Euphorbia Ammak reaches tree like stature however indoors you can expect this plant to reach heights of 8’ plus. Euphorbia ammak “Variegated” is especially striking due to its marbled colouration of pale greens and cream tones. 

Size - 4’ Tall from base of pot to top of plant. 

Light Requirements - Full sun to bright indirect light.

Water Requirements - Allow soil to fully dry between waterings. On average water every 3-4 weeks. Plant might require more frequent watering during summer months however always allow soil to dry between waterings. 

Soil Requirements - Fast draining soil such as Cactus/Succulent Potting Mix is best. Soil may be further amended with additional Perlite for better drainage. 

* Plant is toxic and not recommend for homes with pets and young children.