Olive Tree - Arbequina Olive 19” Nursery Pot (7’ Tall)


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Arbequina Olive (Olea europea “Arbequina”) is a highly attractive tree that is prized for its fruit. It’s small narrow leaves are a a deep green on top with silver undersides. Expect this Tree to grow as tall as space allows, pruning your tree to maintain shape and hight might be required. 
Olive Trees make for beautiful indoor trees and are even better outside on a patio during summer months. 

Light Requirements - Full sun. Plant should get at least 6 hours of full light, south or west facing exposure is essential. 

Water Requirements - Although in their natural habitat Olive Trees are drought tolerant that is not the case when the plant is potted up be that indoors or outdoors on a patio. Allow the top 1/2 of soil to dry between waterings to avoid leaf loss. 

Soil Requirements - Loose fast drawing soil is essential in the overall health of your Olive Tree. If repotting, consider mixing equal parts Potting Mix and Orchid Mix for added aeration and drainage.