Oleander Bush - Pink Flowers, 14” Nursery Pot (3.5’ Tall)


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Nothing says Mediterranean like Oleander (Nerium oleander). This beautiful plant can be found in bush (shrub) or tree form with flowers ranging from pink, white, orange and red. Oleander grows on woody stems/trunk in structure with quite vigorous growth during the spring/summer months. It’s dark green leaves are long, slender, pointy and leathery in texture. This is an excellent plant add to your patio, balcony or porch. All parts of Oleander plants are highly poisonous if consumed. 

High Toxicity - Do not ingest any part of this plant (dry or green, leaf, stem or flower) as it is highly toxic. 

Wintering Oleander - Be sure to bring Oleander indoors when temperatures drop and frost warning are up. 


Light Requirements - Full sun to Bright indirect light. 

Water Requirements - Although quite drought tolerant in its native environment, do not allow this plant to fully dry when kept outdoor in a container. Allow top few inches of soil to dry between waterings.