Philodendron “Birkin / Rojo Congo”7” Nursery Pot


Two of the most beloved Philodendrons, Birkin and Rojo Congo, come together in this beautiful hybrid plant combination. Philodendron “Birkin” leaves are characterized by their rich green tones with distinct white stripes. Philodendron “Rojo Congo” has large leaves that emerge in stunning orange/copper tones then slowly turn a rich shade of green. This unique plant is equally stunning as it is easy to care for. 
Fun Fact - Philodendron “Birkin” is a spontaneous mutation of Philodendron “Rojo Congo” later cultivated as a separate variety. 


Light Requirements - Bright to Medium indirect light is best.


Water Requirements - Allow top 2/3 of soil to dry out between waterings. 

Soil Requirements - Fast drainage soil is best. Consider amending Potting Mix with Coco Chips or Orchid Mix for good results.