Monstera deliciosa 14” Nursery Pot (2’10” Tall x 4’ Wide)


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Monstera deliciosa has been the “it” plant for many years and it truly deserves the spotlight. Monsteras are famous for their very large split leaves that are spotted with holes giving it one of its nicknames “Swiss Cheese Plant”. When mature, this lush tropical plant developes arial roots which in nature would cling to trees and rocks helping it climb up. It is common to see Monsteras with support systems such as Coco/Moss Poles in order to maintain un upright structure. This superb plant is fairly easy to maintain given the right requirements.


Light Requirements - Bright to Medium indirect light. Monsteras will always try to grow towards the light so plant rotations may be needed. 

Water Requirements - Allow top 1/3 of soil to dry out between waterings. Plant will benefit from added humidity.